The final concert was to be a historical one for the Russian Embassy when, at the invitation of Lygia O’Riordan, the Irish Prime minister Bertie Ahern arrived for the exhibition of Natalia Vyatkina and Ensemble XXI Moscow’s performance. It seems that it had been almost two decades since an Irish Prime minister had been in the Russian Embassy so the vodka flowed. Vyatkina’s work also met with a very enthusiastic reception. Pia was delighted when one of the artist’s sculptures was purchased by a certain lady. Pia, not one to believe in promises of money being delivered after many unsavoury incidents over the years, bluntly asked the purchaser how she could receive the money for Vjatkina. “Well I could pay by credit card right now if you like”. “Sorry we can’t take credit cards” “Oh, well, I’ll post you a cheque tomorrow.” “Actually I’d prefer cash right now please”. Said lady looked extremely taken aback. Pia, then continued: “Well I would be happy to come to your office tomorrow morning if you tell me where you work”. At this point Lygia and her barrister brother both butted in “Pia that won’t be a problem. We’ll give you the address tomorrow first thing” as they distracted her with the passing wine tray. “Bit like paying the window cleaner or the lawn mowing man isn’t it” quipped the lady, a Supreme Court Judge. Ensemble XXI Moscow & Lygia O'Riordan in the Dublin with the Irish Prime minister Bertie Ahern in the opening of and Art Exhibition  in the Russian Embassy. This  exhibition of Natalia Vyatkina's Art was part of the Russian Music Days in Dublin in 1999