Pia Siirala, Leader of Ensemble XXI
Pia Siirala

Pia Siirala was born in Helsinki and studied at the Sibelius Academy and at the Budapest Liszt Academy with Professor Vermes Maria. After her diploma she continued her studies at the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory in the class of the Professor, Zoria Schickmurzaeva.

Following these studies Pia Siirala became the leader of 
Ensemble XXI
which she co-founded with Lygia O’Riordan.

During the orchestra's tours to the regions she became acquainted with the music of the indigenous people of the Russian North. She has collected the music of the Nivkhs on Sakhalin. Based on these materials she has composed the following works Nivkh Themes for string trio and double bass, Ulita for solo violin and Ulita's Walk for string orchestra.