Lygia O'Riordan reheasing Handel's Messiah on SakhalinLygia O'Riordan and Handel's Messiah

The Pacific Rim Festival on Sakhalin
September 26 - 30, 2003

Lygia O'Riordan, conductor of Ensemble XXI, brought Handel’s Messiah for the first time ever to the Russian Far East. The youth and children’s choirs from the colleges and music schools of Sakhalin and the 'Cantores Minores Ensemble' of the famed Finnish boys choir from Helsinki, formed a joint choir. The brilliant soloists, Ludmilla Shilova, Jaewoo Kim and Hung Young Choi from the Australian Opera, the Korean State Opera and the Vienna Kammeroper performed alongside the Sakhalin soloists. The two performances of Messiah took place in a 1000 seat hall, which was full both nights. Master classes were held by Ludmilla Shilova and Dmitry Grigortsevich, who also gave a piano recital with an all Liszt programme.
In between Messiah performances the musicians had time to have a picnic by the sea of Okhotks  and taste caviar from  f
resh  from double bassist Sergei Roumiantsv's freshly court salmon. 
The final night was a real treat for Sakhaliners with an operatic concert by international soloists at the Chekhov Theatre.
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 All the performers, choirs form Sakhalin and Finland, soloists from Korea,  Australia, and  Russia and Esnemble XXI after the Premiere of Handel's Messiah
Ludmilla Shilova, the soprano soloist
Jaewoo, Kim, the tenor soloist, with the bass section of Ensemble XXI
Filip Hayrinen taking a choral rehearsal on Sakhalin
Irris Makler was filming the Festival
Cellist Mark Fridman and trumpetist Mikhail Basov collecting mushrooms nearby Okhotsk
 Pacific Rim Music Festival
      in Australia 2001
Pacific Rim Music Festival
      on Sakhalin 2004