Seán Ó Riada (1931-1971)

Hercules Dux Ferrariae

Lento e rubato
Lento sostenuto
Tempo di Valse

Ó Riada studied music in Ireland and in France. His discovery of the twelve tone system led to such fine compositions as the Hercules Nomos. His fate was not to meet Bartók and one wonders what might have been had Ó Riada been aware of the scientific classification of folk music by Bartók and Kodaly. ÓRiada dedicated his life to Irish folk music and collected valuable material which was disappearing as the older generations died out. Ó Riada worked in the Irish radio in order to make his living for his family and as a result never realised his complete potential as a composer. His work, such as "Hercules" remain to this day largely unappreciated in his own country, although the work may stand easily beside other compositions in its mastery of writing for strings and the richness of its material.

copyright Lygia O'Riordan