Ensemble XXI 

The 10th Anniversary Concert in the Maly Zal in January 1999. This concert was broadcast live throughout Russia on  'Radio Russia'.Ensemble XXI  was the first independent orchestra in Soviet history, founded in 1989 by Irish Conductor Lygia O’Riordan and Finnish Violinist Pia Siirala after completing their studies at the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory. Today it is still the only orchestra in Russia with both Russian and International membership.  Ensemble XXI in its foundation, membership and activity is living proof of the capacity of music to bring together people of diverse backgrounds and origins on a pThe Festival of  "Symphonies in Moscow Courtyards" by Ensemble XXI Moscow & Lygia O'Riordanlane of understanding which recognises no borders.

In September 2002 Ensemble XXI Moscow  opened the season of the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory under the batons of Gennadij Rozhdestvensky and Lygia O’Riordan.The orchestra has toured to the world’s great cultural centres, to countries that include Russia, Austria, Finland  Great Britain, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland and Australia.  Ensemble XXI Moscow has played at venues ranging from the Vienna Konzerthaus to the Sydney Opera House, and has even touched on the exotic – a snow and ice-bound reindeer herders’ camp above the Arctic Circle.

Ensemble XXI sees its role in bringing music to remote communities the world over as an important part of its mission. The Orchestra’s Pacific and Atlantic Rim Music Festivals seek to unite children and music lovers in remote communities throughout the world. This work has brought professional performances to audiences which have never before had the opportunity to hear live classical music.
Of particular importance is the orchestra's ongoing work to highlight the ancient music of Russia's indigenous communities from the Arctic Circle to the Far East and to bringPacific Rim Music Festival 2004: Ensemble XXI musicians performing Pia Siirala's composition with Nivkh national singer, Lydia Muvchik, at the Nogliki Ethnic Museum  on Sakhalin about ties with other indigenous communities around the world. This is the first time that classical musicians have performed with indigenous people in Russia. A documentary film produced by the ABC, which travelled with the orchestra by helicopter to the Arctic Circle, has captured the imagination of television viewers around the world.