Antonin Dvorák (1841-1904)

Serenade for strings in E major, op. 22

Tempo di Valse -Trio

The serenade for strings was written in 1875 in just 12 days. 1875 was an especially happy year for Dvorák. A commission in Vienna, which included Brahms had awarded him a generous stipend for composition. It was the year he composed the 5th symphony and numerous chamber works. It is most interesting that he also composed that year another 5 part string work - the string quintet. His writing for 5 part strings was inspired at this time as he even completed the full scoring of the serenade between 3rd and 14th of May. The first performance was originally intended for later that year in Vienna with Hans Richter but in the end was not given its premiere until the following year in Prague by Adolf Cech and the combined strings of the Czech and German theatres which made up the Prague Philharmonic.  

copyright Lygia O'Riordan