W. A. Mozart (1956-1791)

Clarinet Concerto in A Major, KV 622  




The Clarinet Concerto was begun in 1789 and finished in 1791 on the night of the "Magic Flute's " Premiere. It was originally written for basset horn but rewritten for the clarinetist,Anton Stadler in 1791. Mozart may have written the concerto for a complete rogue as contemporary accounts of the time are not complimentary about Stadler. It is said that  Stadler constantly took advantage of Mozart and that, apart from borrowing the last florins which Mozart owned, even went so far as to steal pawn tickets from the composer's apartment, reselling them and pocketing the money. Mozart, respecting the great skill of the Clarinetist, remonstrated with him but then forgave him.



copyright Lygia O'Riordan